Unknown aspects about Chromecast

Google chromecast is the latest device released into the digital market by which users can send contents from mobile small screen to large screen television. The usage of chromecast is quiet simple to set and use. By making use of it websites as well as you tube videos can be sent from computer to TV and mobile to TV respectively. It was in 2013 that Google launched their first chromecast. The HDMI dongle is an affordable one where users can cast contents to the television in a wireless manner.

Enhanced advantages of Chrome cast

  • Using a VR mirror: It can be hilarious to use virtual reality for some time in chromecast. With chromecast and Google’s daydream view headset, virtual reality can be made reality at homes. Users just need to make sure that daydream phone which is linked and chromecast possess the same Wi-Fi network with Google home app installed. Users need to select cast from Google home and choose Chromecast device towards which the VR images are to be sent. The phone is put to headset and all can view the virtual reality.
  • Facebook live: Facebook live has many beneficial contents which could be of great use to watch out on television. Users need to open face book live broadcast and click on the cast icon. The only aspect to make sure is that the gadgets are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ethernet adapter: A strong and super-fast Wi-Fi connection is required for chromecast device in order to send contents from mobile to television. Hence all users do not possess a strong internet connection, the Ethernet adapter from Google is an advantage. Here the plug end possesses an Ethernet port. The Ethernet cable should be connected to the adapter and other end to the modem, also the USB part of the adapter should be connected to the chromecast and chromecast to HDMI port of the television. The user can initiate their entertainment now.
  • Presentations: Presentations with Google slides can be made possible with Chromecast as Google cast is built into Chrome. The presentation’s top right corner has “present” option and the user needs to select “present on another screen” and choose chromecast device.
  • Games fun: Games can be downloaded to Android or iOS device to make use of tablet or phone as controller and the game would run on the television. Google play has a plenty games for Chromecast.
  • Photos: Chromecast serves as an alternative for old photos and school slides. A projector isn’t required here. With chromecast, Google photos can be made the best. Casting of pictures from Google photos to Android, iOS and PC to television.
  • TV acts as DJ: with Chromecast music can be played through television after downloading Google play music. The app is to be opened and cast ion needs to be selected. The chromecast from device list is to be selected. The required music to be played is to be selected. Chromecast.com/setup

Chromecast has such excellent beneficial aspects to enjoy. Entertainment freaks are sure to enjoy complete music and video with chromecast without doubt. Hunt the sites and get to know more about this awesome casting process.